Eugene Oregon Airport Terminal

The terminal has two runways 2.441 meters (8.009 feet) and 1.829 meters (6.000 feet) long relatively and has the overall area of about 1.052 hectares.

In 2017, the terminal had managed about 1.078.504 passengers and 61.634 aircraft operations.

The terminal building has two separate levels with ‘A' gates locate on the second level and ‘B' gates together with ticketing and baggage claim areas on the second level.

Near the main lobby, there is the performance venue that hosts live music performances and concerts.

ATMs are located across the car rental offices and upstairs near the cafe.

In the ‘A' Gate area across the car rental offices, there is the TTY public pay telephone. In the ‘B' Gate area after the security checkpoint, there are restrooms available.